QOL Menu Options/Hotkeys

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QOL Menu Options/Hotkeys

Post by recatek » Mon Nov 15, 2021 6:59 pm

Another one to add to the list. Hope I'm not being overwhelming -- I just figure it can't hurt to have too many suggestions than not enough!

It would be very helpful to my workflow if the following menu options or hotkeys were available. Or if they are already and I'm missing them that's even better.

"Reload Model"
- The tool or project .dat file would store a path to the .obj model file it's working from (configurable absolute or relative path), and this action reloads it from that file. Useful if you've made some changes in your modeling software.

"Repeat Last Texture Export"
- The tool repeats its last texture export with the same path and settings it did before.
I work in Unity where the shaders are a little different from Godot's, so I need to be able to quickly export textures over to Unity to check how things look after every couple of changes.

Hopefully these aren't too hard to do. Thanks for all the great work!

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Re: QOL Menu Options/Hotkeys

Post by achim » Wed Nov 17, 2021 10:03 am

No, all is fine.
I'm always happy for more input and have a view from outside to different topics.
So I'm realy thankful for your posts.

1. Reload Model
It's a good suggestion, I will note it to my list. But with this I need to change the fileformat again, so when I do this I will rewrite the saving\load code to make it more flexible. Therefore this will come a bit later.

2. "Repeat Last Texture Export"
Yes, this I can definitely do also. It's not much work.

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